We Have Photoshop
is Andrew + Mike + Rebecca + Sebastian
is when Andrew (Shurtz), Mike (Gallagher), Rebecca (Gimenez) and Sebastian (Campos) work together. They get their mail in Brooklyn (and sometimes in Spain). They all got MFAs from Yale School of Art in 2007. Since then they have made: books, catalogues, fonts, flyers, installations, posters, proposals, postcards, signage, sounds, videos, and websites for people, companies, and institutions like: AA Bronson, DHUB Barcelona, Gareth Long, Merge Records, MIT Press, The Center for Architecture, Urbanism and Infrastructure at Princeton University, The Whitney Museum of American Art, WITH, and Yale University. They have taught and teach classes, given lectures, and conducted workshops at: Rutgers University, City College of New York, Kunsthøgskolen (National Academy of the Arts) in Oslo, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale School of Art. Recent projects include: A new edition of “Lana”, a pornographic novel by AA Bronson; and “Let us now raise aimless whims”, an audio installation at WITH Gallery in NY. They are currently working on: an english translation of “Gilles Deleuze's Abécédaire”, a poster about electoral district reform with the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU, and a tote bag that says ‘Late Capitalism’ on it.